If we are exposed to this coronoavirus and our immunity is weak then we may suffer a serious bout of illness. Most will recover but the elderly and/or those whose immunity is compromised are particularly at risk.

Michael has been studying human immune function for 20 years. He continues to develop and adapt assessment tools and treatments that focus on the white blood cells that protect us from viral infection. His programmes are able to identify and release from our top immune cells the toxins blocking the key anti-virus proteins.This greatly strengthens our response to a new virus.

Michael has also developed other bioresonance tools to increase the output of immune cells from the spleen, thymus, lymph glands, tonsils and bone marrow. This is important because the smoke and dust that many of us inhaled over the summer was loaded with heavy metals and other toxins. Some of these poisons may have settled in our immune organs, thereby reducing their ability to produce the appropriate output of fresh white blood cells.

To check up and boost your immune system against virus attack you can book an appointment with Michael. Use the booking link or click here.

PS: If you like the more technical angle, read on: viral immunity in the early stages of an infection mostly involves the CD4+ T-Helper 1 and 2 cells (our top decision-makers), the Natural Killer (NK) cells that make up 70% of our immune system and the anti-virus protein Interleukin-12 (IL-12). IL-12 is used by the CD4+s to attract our NK reserves into tissues under attack by viruses. If the local CD4+s are toxic in a particular region they may not be able to release their IL-12 to attract in new NK cells. Michael's programme looks specifically at rebooting the production of IL-12 in the many organs and tissues of the body.

Read on further for a summary of other things you can do to lessen your chances of a serious infection if you are exposed to the virus.