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Cost of treatment


Most new clients need a 60 minute initial consultation. After this you can book consultations of 30, 40 or 60 minutes duration. The cost is $180, $240 and $360 respectively. There is no rebate from Medicare or private health funds.

The cost for pensioners, students, infants and people on low incomes is $150, $200 and $300 respectively.

Bioresonance drops

Usually two bottles of drops are prescribed with each visit. The cost is $25 for the standard size, $30 for the large size. The drops can be made in 5% or 10% alcohol, salt water or your own water depending on preference.


Michael runs several scans to assess whether you lack specific vitamins, amino acids and/or minerals. Most clients have just one or two things that they need. You will not be asked to buy a lot of supplements and can choose to buy them from another outlet.


Usually there is no need for other investigations. In Michael's opinion, the bioresonance devices are capable of accurately measuring a vast number of substances in both the blood and body tissues. However if potentially serious problems are suspected, Michael will refer you to your usual medical practitioners for further investigation.

For example, many people worry about their gut and take expensive probiotics on a daily basis. With bioresonance Michael can measure the levels of these bacteria and restore the gut protein called Stromal Cell Derived Factor that is responsible for signalling to the immune system to leave these bacteria alone. This usually solves the problem and greatly reduces the need for probiotic capsules.

Take home treatment

Michael usually provides two bottles of treatment drops with each visit. You can decline the drops but it is generally a great idea to take them with you and use them. They are designed to lift the energy of your weak organs and help your immune system do battle with microbes.

Most clients are also prescribed a binder to trap heavy metals and other toxins released by the treatment process. Some products are kept in the clinic but you may have to source others elsewhere.

If large parasites are suspected, a herbal preparation may be prescribed or an over-the-counter preparation recommended from the pharmacy. Large parasites may not be dealt with on the first visit depending on the complexity of the other problems detected.

If particular nutrients are deficient or particularly useful, Michael will recommend them. For example the mineral selenium is often useful if mercury toxicity is detected because mercury bonds to selenium tightly and can be safely excreted this way.

Note: the treatment plan is tailored to your constitution and current regime. Because Michael was a GP for 30 years he is knowledgable about drugs, their effects and side-effects. In addition he is aware of the issues that can arise around surgery, chemotherapy, anaesthetics and the like.

By way of example of an emerging issue, a woman in her 40s presented recently for her six monthly visit complaining of recent tiredness. Her scans revealed the possibility of elevated tumour markers and these were amplified when looking at an inflamed area of her stomach. She was advised to visit her GP to arrange gastroscopy. Her digestive symptoms were not specific and did not suggest the stomach was in trouble.

Follow up plan
Follow up plan

Every new client is sent home with a detailed written plan for the coming weeks. It will usually involve the taking of bioresonance drops 2-3 times daily plus binders for the heavy metals released by the treatment.

Most clients will only need one or two follow up visits of 30 to 40 minutes duration. Thereafter Michael may recommend a once or twice annual visit to review progress and look for emerging issues. Clients with complex health problems often decide to come more often.


Clients are understandably concerned that bioresonance treatment may interact adversely with their programme of pharmaceuticals, herbal medicines, essential oils, homeopathics and supplements. This turns out to be the exception rather than the rule.

Michael will discuss any potential issues at the time of the visit and can be contacted by email, mobile or SMS if there are questions.

Testing children

Children can undergo bioresonance testing safely. Even babies can be tested. Michael has tested hundreds of children, toddlers and infants over the past 20 years using a parent as a surrogate for the positive probe of the device. The parent holds the negative (earth) probe wrapped in a wet tissue against the child's skin and Michael reads the test information through the parent's finger.

The German device can also be used with children. A baby's foot can be placed on the test plate for 10 seconds by the parent while holding the child up. Older children usually have no issue in placing their hand on the test area for 10 seconds.

During the testing procedure the parent is asked to read books to their child or bring up a variety of small toys from a toy box within easy reach. Electronic devices such as mobiles and tablets are also a good way to entertain an irritable or anxious child. Food snacks can also be a good distraction.

Why might you seek to have your child tested? Perhaps they have become recently anxious, irritable, emotional, critical or destructive. Perhaps they have been picking up a lot of colds, have developed stomach aches, headaches, allergies, rashes or joint pains. Or they are due for vaccinations and you are concerned about the state of their immune system.

About the practitioner

Michael F Beilby

Michael worked as a GP over a 30 year period. During this time Michael studied acupuncture, homeopathy, toxicology and nutrition. He also learnt to perform computerised-electrodermal screening (CEDS) on a US-built computer. Two other devices from Germany and Russia have been added in recent years.

Michael retired from registered medical practice in 2016 to concentrate on Bioresonance Medicine, a field of medicine established for over 60 years in Germany where it is practised by over 10,000 doctors and allied health practitioners.