Bioresonance explained

Resonance is about vibration. We are all familiar with vibrations - there are special sensors in our skin for vibration and our phones can be set to vibrate when we are called. We respond strongly to this vibration probably because it sounds like a large dangerous insect heading our way when you think about it.

The frequency of vibration is all important. Rodents can hear much higher frequencies than humans so you can buy deterent devices that make a very high-pitched sound that you cannot hear but the rats hate. Similar with dog whistles.

Everything in nature is made up of atoms, and much at the atomic level is purely energetic. The atoms are composed of charged particles that oscillate in a recognisable pattern - meaning they have a recognisable vibration.

So when a scientist develops a device that can record these oscillations or vibrations then these recordings can be used in carefully-designed testing equipment. These scientists realised that there might be a market for testing these vibrational recordings against human beings and developed devices that they hoped would be useful for human health problems.

Michael came across such a machine over 20 years ago. It was designed by a USA-based computer scientist and inventor who found a way to digitally record the resonant energy of substances. Over 20,000 test samples were stored on a small floppy disc, the only medium available at the time to load software into a computer. The testing software runs on a very stable DOS platform that has stood the test of time.

Well over 10,000 people have been tested by Michael on this computer over the past 20 years. Its database contains around of 20,000 samples taken from almost everything that we could be exposed to including pathology and microbiology specimens. This enables testing of almost every body part and every type of germ.

About 12 years ago Michael acquired another bioresonance device manufactured in Germany. It works at a faster rate by recording the complex energy vibrations emitted by a person into the software and testing the signals against this recording.

The device comes with an extensive database especially of the human genome. It also allows the user to record their own signals. Michael felt he needed a different type of database so he has created an additional 75,000 testing signals over the past 10 years - the result of a year's full-time work effort


Michael's theory is that there are about 120 common toxins. If we can identify the specific ones that poison us, then we can modify how we eat and live to avoid exposure to them. His expanded database is designed to pinpoint these toxins in over a hundred body organs and tissues.

The second stage of Michael's theory is that the resonant vibration of the toxins identified can then be used to shake or dislodge them. The effect is that they are separated from the crucial enzymes, nuclear and mitochondrial DNA to which they are bound.

This then creates a detox reaction which some people find somewhat unpleasant. However it only lasts a few days before improvements are felt.

The scope of the constantly renewed database means that most parts of the body can be quickly assessed to determine any toxicity issues. Toxins can then be removed using the vibrational energy of the related test signals. Removing toxic molecules from the body is comparable to causing fruit to fall from the top branches of a tree by shaking the limb at a particular frequency.

The third device used in the clinic is Russian-built. One programme on this device looks for energetic disturbances in the acupuncture points on the body and the external ear, and also measures the iridology areas on the pupil of the eye.

A second programme looks in great detail in 3D-images at the different body parts and systems, measuring the energy levels of thousands of body parts over a 5-10 minute period.

In a third programme, reports can be generated about the most affected tissues and the possible pathological implications, potential allergies, possibly useful supplements, drugs, homeopathics and herbal medicines. A report on food compatibility is also provided. Clients have noted that this combined information is practical and very helpful.

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